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View our exclusive online only exhibitions on the fascinating local history of East Yorkshire. Open 24/7 for all, click below to start your visit.

Convict Connections
Follow the long and brutal journey of Hull and East Yorkshire prisoners as they were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1886. Will you discover the life of the notorious crime leader Snowden Dunhill, or perhaps you'll read the story of a sixteen year old sentenced for stealing mustard and his part in a failed mutiny.
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East Riding Yeomanry
Our exhibition reveals the details of the men who joined the East Riding Yeomanry from its creation in 1903 until the Armistice at the end of the First World War in 1918. You can view all 2,500 named individuals, their stories from the war and civilian life. There is also information on medals, disciplinary issues and more.
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Past exhibitions

Each year our team create a range of temporary exhibitions of local social history. From the dizzy colours of 1960s East Riding and the history of local pubs to life during wartime and the local economy. Missed an exhibition? You can download past exhibition boards as a PDF.

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Humber Museums Partnership

East Riding Museums is part of the Humber Museums Partnership, joining up 18 sites across the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull and North Lincolnshire. Formed in 2014 and using funding from the Arts Council England, the three areas work together on a number of exhibitions, events and learning programmes.

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World War I Centenary

The First World War was one of the most significant events of the modern era and its consequences still shape the world we live in today. Between 3 August 1914 and the armistice on 11 November 1918, more than 8 million men and women of Britain and its Empire took part in this war to end all wars. Nearly 1 million of them died and 2 million were wounded.

As well as the effects on individuals who served and their families, the war resulted in major political and geographical changes, including the Russian revolution and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Turkish empires, drastically re-drawing the map of Europe. In Britain, the war led to the erosion of many social divisions and the extension of the right to vote to millions of women.

Local research and downloads

Through 2018, as part of the Humber Museums Partnership and with funding from the Arts Council, a series of events and exhibitions took place to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

You can view an online timeline of significant events on the WW1 Timeline website.
WW1 Timeline

As part of the Centenary project, East Riding Museums compiled resources and research into the First World War. The downloads below relate to the East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry and East Yorkshire Regiment. They are provided for personal interest only and should not be reproduced without prior permission. Please contact us if you need to reproduce the documents in any way.

Researching family and local history

All of the downloads and online exhibitions on this page can be used to further your research into family history or the local area. For full guides and tips on what else to look for, visit East Riding Archives.

East Riding Archives